Ziemeļu Puse [Nordic Style] / Episode 49 – 3 Estonian Islands

Warmed up by the spring sun, Gustavs & Marta explore geographical units that estonians own, but we – latvians dont. Islands in the Baltic sea. The relaxed aura of Haapsalu is swiped away by adrenline caused by swinging in the rope that is tied to a top of a lighthouse on Hiumaa island. But after a short course in traditional crafts of Saaremaa island, travelers reach the place in which many estonians want to grow old – Kihnu island in the south of Estonia.

3 Stops For Serenity

Gustavs and Marta, two young Latvians, go to where the waves are coming ashore to look for intangible values – the aftertaste of a well smoked herring, the smell of birch sauna whisk in the hair and the inner quiet instilled by the sea. These are the hidden treasures that the people living on the Baltic Sea coast can share with the rest of the world. Gustavs and Marta will find out how to do it without  ruining them.

Ziemeļu puse / Surströmming story [HD/STEREO]

Gustavs & Marta travel to Ulvon island in Northern Sweden to meet clown Ruben Madsen and explore the ordinary truth behind the dramatic smelly myth of fermented Baltic herring or surströmming.

Gadu vecs stāsts, pārdzimis mūsdienām adekvātā formā – 720p HD video ar stereo skaņu. Stellējiet savus lielos ekrānus, tumbu pāri un enjoy! Drīz būs vēl.